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Lawrence could scarcely forbear smiling at the quiet assurance with which Pedro spoke.

Certainly. Whichever pleases you best, Manuela,” returned Lawrence.

Manuela murmured her thanks in a deep, tremulous voice that said much for her power of gratitude, and, timidly taking the youth’s hand as he passed, humbly touched it with her lips.

I can’t understand it,” he continued to murmur in that low, slow, absent far-away tone and manner characteristic of artists when at work. No doubt her nose is Grecian, and her mouth small, as well as exquisitely formed, her chin full and rounded, her teeth faultless, her eyes gorgeous, and her whole contour perfect, but—but—she’s black—at least,” (correcting himself with a touch of compunction), she’s brown. No; I see what it is—it’s—(well that’s more like a balloon than a water-lily)—yes, it must be that I am in love with her spirit. That’s it! I’ve said so before, and—and—I say it again.”

‘Arnold, senhor,’ she replied, with surprise.

Bounding into the patch of bushes, on the edge of which they had passed the night, Lawrence ran through it hastily, followed by his man, who had shaken off lethargy in a moment.

Then he is not Conrad of the Mountains whom you mentioned to me lately?”


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