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Butler plucked the helmet from her hands. 'Anything an old soldier would be interested in?'

Artemis gripped his knees tight. 'I can't allow this. I won't allow it.'

Beau took the entire bar and demolished it in less than ten seconds.

'No. He's a real fairy. A demon warlock to be precise. The one behind him, flying, is an elf.'

Minerva folded her arms.

'The entire headquarters has been hewn from the rock. Actually most of the cave was already here. We just lasered off a corner here and there. Forgive all the cloak-and-dagger, but it's vital that what we do here at Section Eight remains secret.'

'I accept that,' said Artemis. 'But allow it to reel me in? I prefer some facts and figures. How about trajecto-ries? Spatial addresses?'

Gaspard Paradizo smothered Minerva in his arms. Protecting every inch of his daughter.


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